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    The Authentic Arabian Horse 

    and His Descendants

    by Lady Wentworth

    This book is a classic and an invaluable volume for everyone interested in the Arabian horse, no Arabian Horse library is complete without a copy. It contains an enormous amount of insight on almost every facet of the Arabian horse- their history, origin, breeding, family strains, care and maintenance.

    Contents include:

    Essential Facts and Fictions

    Thoroughbred Foundation Stock and Inheritance

    A Stormy Life

    From Lady Anne Blunt's Notes

    'Arabis Araba'

    The Gold Horsemen of Arabia

    The Blunts Among the Tribes

    Boar Hunting in Mesopotamia

    The True and False Arab

    The World's Most Ancient Pedigree

    The Sultans of Egypt

    The Origin of the Dahman Strain of Abbas I, and the Pre-Islamic Names of Horses

    The Outside World of the West on the Vital Influence of Arab Blood

    The Supreme Value of Type

    Colour and Other Matters

    Arab Racing in India

    Thoroughbreds and other Arab Derivatives

    Riding and Breaking Hints

    Mistaken Kindness

    The Crabbet Park Arabian Stud

    Lady Anne Blunt's Last Words

    Lady Wentworth was the daughter of Lady Anne and Wilfred Blunt who founded the Crabbet Arabian Stud. Though Lady Wentworth has little tolerance of anyone who's views differ from her own her experience, knowledge and insight makes this book a must have.

    Hard cover in very good condition, with very good dust jacket also comes with the original slip case to keep it nice.   Blue cloth hard cover, 352 pages. This is the third edition of this classic work on Arabian horses by Lady Wentworth copyright 1979. It has 213 plates in half-tones, 39 in color, many diagrams, including many drawings by Lady Anne Blunt and Lady Wentworth and a fold-out map in the back of the horse breeding regions of Arabia.