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The Crabbet Convention 1985

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The Crabbet Convention 1985

This event was held at Crabbet Park July 28-29 1985, descendants of the first Crabbet horses brought back to their origins, separated into families to see and study what had developed.

A treasure trove of photographs in these pages for an excellent opportunity to study these family lines.

Includes an introduction to the history of Crabbet Stud by Rosemary Archer, followed by photos of foundation sires and family mares, then a demonstration of family lines of Silver Fire, Rissla, Nasra, Razina, Crabbet influence photos of reimported Crabbet, Crabbet with Nuhra, Courthouse, Crabbet with Polish, Crabbet with Egyptian, Crabbet with Spanish, Crabbet with Spanish and Egyptian, Crabbet with Egyptian and Polish, Crabbet with America Crabbet and other U.S. lines
Well over 100 horses represented with photo, 4 generation pedigree, breeder, owner, strain, foaling date, interesting info about each horse.
Also includes dozens of Arabian breeders farm ads.

This book is a must have for breeders of Crabbet Arabians and those who study Crabbet influence.

Soft cover , 128 pages, printed on glossy paper, loaded with B&W photos, some fading and discoloration mostly to the spine,  inside unmarked and in excellent condition, includes errata