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Danika and Yatimah from Egypt to the Outback by Carmel Rowley

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by Carmel Rowley

Book One of the As the Crow Flies series

Living in outback Australia on a vast cattle station, Yatimah is Danika's grey Arabian mare.

Yatimah is the most beautiful and intelligent and the most loved horse on Dalry Station. To Danika, Yatimah is perfect.

The first time Danika saw Yatimah she could hardly believe her eyes. Gleaming silver-grey against the red outback soil, Yatimah galloped into her life and stole her heart, beginning a special friendship. Little did Danika know-the finely made Arabian mare would prove to be as brave and true as her heritage suggested.

Share in the beauty, fear, excitement, danger, fun, tears and friends, with the adventures of Danika and Yatimah.

Cover and illustrations by Willa Frayser.

About the Author:
Author of two adult fiction and one children's book Carmel Rowley has always loved horses, owning and breeding purebred Arabians since 1975. Dreaming about horses and reading stories was an essential part Carmel's childhood in Melbourne, Australia. A fascination for people and what motivates their life journey initially sparked the idea for the ‘Daughters of the Wind' series. Later riding, owning, and breeding horses became the impetus for publishing articles about the Arabian horse and breeding. ‘Tails Carried High' has sold around the world USA, Canada, Poland, Germany England, Egypt, South Africa, New Zealand and all around Australia.

New soft cover the story is 140 pages and also includes several pages about Arabian horses as well as interesting facts about places, people and history of Australia.