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From Corral to Championship by Perry B. Griffith

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From Corral To Championship
by Maj. Gen. Perry B. Griffith, (Ret)

This book is for those interested in show jumping, cross county and dressage. It is highly influenced by General Harry Chamberlain and reflects the best thinking of the calvary greats at the time the calvary reached its zenith in jump riding history.
The author covers the good and bad point of horse conformation, how to develope a good seat, suppling exercises for horse and rider, the dynamics of strong but unpunishing hands the importance of impulsions and how to induce it. Preparing the horse and rider for jumps get considerable attention, the use of the cavesson and longe , working over ground poles, low poles progressing to tough obstacles. Form, use of hands, legs, balance, seat, how to fall, mental motivation for horse and rider is fully explained. The book covers all gaits and terrrains at cross country as well as fences and other obstacles. Several types of jump obstacles are illustrated with plans for building them.
Basic schooling is detailed, how gait changes and movements are achieved.The author explains dressage movements at various levels and many test are reproduced here.
Orgaanizing and running a horse show is covered as well as an extensive glossary of horse terms.


Hard cover book in very good condition, DJ fair. 228 pages, copyright 1980, gererously illustrated with B&W photos