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Galloping Across the USA Horses in American Life by Martin Sandler

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Galloping Across the USA

Horses in American Life


Martin W. Sandler

Galloping Across the USA is a book to be enjoyed by young and old alike, it shows how  horses played a central role in the development of the United States as a nation. From transportation within cities -- the omnibus, fire wagons, delivery of goods -- to mail delivery from coast to coast to tilling soil and herding cattle, Martin Sandler shows how essential the horse was for the survival of American citizens stretched across 800,000 square miles. As roads improved, stagecoaches became popular for crossing the country. Covered wagons delivered pioneers into the western regions for homesteading. And Native American culture changed significantly as wealth and social standing within tribes began to be measured by the number of horses each man owned. Galloping Across America is a fascinating look at the horse-powered development of America up through the rodeos and mounted police of today.
Pictorial hard cover, no dust jacket, 63 pages, illustrated with photos, reproductions of art and posters, indexed and includes a list for further reading as well as a list of museums to visit around the country that contain collections of art and artifacts on the history of the horse in America. Copyright 2003 Oxford University Press