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Historical Reports on Arab Horse Breeding by Karl Wilhelm Ammon

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Historical Reports on Arab Horse Breeding
Karl Wilhelm Ammon
This scholarly work is an outstanding compendium on the Arabian horse. The author collected, extracted and  organized the most valuable, pertinent, interesting and sensational passages from collected reports from early travellers to Arabia. Travellers accounts include Rousseau, Arvieux, Seetzen, Von  Minutoli, Count von Veltheim, Mr von Bennigsen, Niebuhr, Burkhardt, Fraser, General Malcolm, Vegez, and dozens more.
Topics covered:
Observations of Arabia and its Inhabitants
Is Arabian the Original Home of the Horse?
History of Arabian Horse Breeding Among the Arabs
Number of Horses in Arabia
General Remarks on Horse Breeding
Differences between Arabian Horses
Strains and Families
Size and Conformation
Notes on Coats , Colors and Markings
Selection and Mating
Covering Mares
How Arabs Raise and Train Their Foals
Strain Register and Bith Certificates
Documents of Origin Given Upon Sale
Arab Practices when Selling, Prices of Arabian Horses
Handling, Care and Feeding
Arabs Knowledge of Horses
Arab Horsemanship and Horse Races
Veterinary Medicine. Shoeing, Castration
Arabs Love for Their Horses
Horse Breeding in Persia, Turkomania, Barbary
A great resource for the modern researcher, and an important foundation for knowledge on the Arabian horse.  At the end of each chapter the author includes references for all passages for further research.
Interesting and informative reading
Hard cover book in excellent condition, no dust jacket as issued, illustrated with B&W reproductions of Arabian horse art,325 pages