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Horseowners Guide to Lameness by Ted Stashak

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Horseowners Guide to Lameness

by Ted S, Stashak

internationally recognized veterinarian with leading equestrian,

Cherry Hill

An updated version of Dr Stashak's bestselling Adams' Lameness in Horses.

This hands on guide provides informative coverage of prevention and care and is essential reading for owners of both pleasure and competitive horses.


1. Functional Anatomy

2. Conformation and Movement

3. Examination for Lameness

4. Selected Diseases of Bone, Joint, and related Structure

5. Lameness

6.Shoeing for Soundness

7. Methods of Therapy

This large format book is 448 pages,over 500 drawings and photographs describing anatomy, conformation, specific problems and shoeing solutions. Soft cover copyright 1995, very good condition almost like new.