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by Joseph A. Barley

privately published by the author, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, 1945, appears to be an unstated first edition, hardback, 358 pages including a 24 page index. 53 chapters, also includes erratum slip
This book is a comprehensive reference guide book for the breeder and trainer. Here are all the secrets and mysteries of the past and systems of judging these horses. A historical true narrative of the famous show horses, dates of birth, when and where shown, victories attained, lineage, etc. Here also is the origin and development of horse racing, the Horse Register, the Bicycle Sulky, advent of the Pacer, etc. Completely index as to each horse.
According to the title page, this book is "a presentation of the principles upon which Saddle and Roadster Horses have been and now are judged under the unwritten laws. The qualifications of a judge. A unified system for judging these horses. The breeding and cultivation of the American Saddle and Standardbred Show Horse. Rules for conducting a horse show and correct riding attire. An informative standard work for the exhibitor and breeder."

53 chapters include:
Past and Present System of Judging Horses; Qualifications of a Judge; Classification of Show Horses; Principles Upon Which Saddle Horses Are Judged; Standard Rules for Judging Five-Gaited Saddle Horses; Combination Five-Gaited Horses; Fine Harness Horses; Stallion Breeding Classes; Standard Rules for Judging Three-Gaited Saddle Horses; Combination Three-Gaited; Equitation--Rules for Judging; Origin and Development of American Saddle Horse; The Denmarks; Rex McDonald (His Descendants); Rex Monroe; McDonald Chief (His Descendants); Independence Chief (His Descendants); King William (His Descendants); Diamond Denmark (His Descendants); Summary of Three Distinct Denmark Families; The Chief Family; Harrison Chief (His Descendants); Bourbon Chief (His Descendants); Bourbon King (His Descendants); Montgomery Chief; Principles of Breeding; Crossing and Blending the Blood of Several Families; Inbreeding and Close Breeding of Families; Origin of the Standard Breed; The Morgan Breed; Establishing a Standard Breed; The Chiefs; Hambletonian (His Descendants); Alexander's Abdallah (His Descendants); George Wilkes (His Descendants); Axworthy (His Descendants); Electioneer (His Descendants); Crossing of Peter Volo, Peter the Great and Bingen Families; Dictator-Director (His Descendants); Strathmore (His Descendants); Harold (His Descendants); Origin and Development of Horse Racing; Trotting Horse Registry; The Advent of the Pacer; The Bicycle Sulky; The First Ten Under Two-Minute Harness Horses; Roadsters; The Show Roadster; Principles Upon Which the Roadster in Harness is Judged; Roadsters Under Saddle; Rules and Regulations for the Conduct of Horse Shows; and Correct Clothes for the Show Ring.

Illustrations, some by George Ford Morris, include Rex McDonald ("The Champion of Them All in the Gaited Division for a Period of Ten Years Until Barred from Competition in 1904"); Chief of Longview; Vanity; Sweetheart on Parade; America Beautiful; Black Squirrel; Roxie Highland; Chester Dare; Kentucky's Best; My Major Dare; Montrose; Bourbon King; Edna May's King; King's Genius; Senator Crawford; Play Boy; Hollywood Pat and more.
This book will be an important addition to the libraries of those interested in the American Saddlebred, three and five gaited, Standardbreds, Morgans, those who ride and show saddleseat equitation, and gaited horses.

Book in good to very good condition. Binding strong. Cover mostly good, copyright 1945 appears to be an unstated first edition, 358 pages.
A very rare find!