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Shoeing to Win by Leonard S. Crotts

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Shoeing to Win
Leonard S. Crotts

Although the majority of this book is about shoeing horses, it is also a compendium of horse lore, common sense training advice and a rich source of information on the art of working iron as it relates to the horse.
Contents cover conformation faults and flaws, clinical observations, weights and balance, lameness, stride of the horse, farrier tools and how they are used, different types of shoes how they are made and why they are used, trimming, nailing, restraint, plastic repair methods, metal working/forging horse related gear, bit making, spur making and more.
The author explores the action, requirements and excentricities of some of the major breeds and types including Trotters, Pacers, Arabians, Polo ponies, Hunters and event horses. Extensive explanation for correction shoeing.

Hard cover book, brown leatherette, signed  and inscribed by the author. Copyright 1985, 222 pages, illustrated with B&W photos and drawings, indexed