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Specifications for SPEED in the RACEHORSE The Airflow Factors by W.Robert Cook FRCVS,PhD.

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Specifications for SPEED and The Racehorse

The Airflow Factors

by W.Robert Cook FRCVS, PhD

This is a must have book for anyone interested in racing horses. This book is the result of a thirty year study by Dr. W. Robert Cook. The author discusses how to choose horses for speed, the relationship between breathing and speed, what is RLN, how common is it?  how it effect racehorses, why racehorses bleed, relationship between airflow and racing performance, exercise induced problems, possible causes for roaring, bleeding, excessive nervousness and sweating in horses,  airflow factors in average and legendary racehorses, predicting racing performance, treating for RLN, breeding for speed, buying for speed and much more. Interesting and informative reading.

Soft cover book in very good condition, copyright 1993, 248 pages, illustrated with diagrams and B&W photos.