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The Egyptian Alternative Breeding The Arabian Horse Volume 1 by Philippe Paraskevas

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 The Egyptian Alternative
Breeding the Arabian Horse
Volume 1
Philippe Paraskevas

This is a thought-provoking book for breeders of the Arabian horse and Egyptian Arabian horse lovers. The author, who was born in Egypt and founded two stud farms focused on preservation breeding of EAO horses, uses his in-depth analysis of the history of the Arabian to revive this unique breed which he calls, "a national treasure".

The Goal of My Writing
Revisiting Selected Turning Points in Background of the Egyptian Horse
Chapter 1
The Influence of the Written Word on the Breed The Unchallenged Dominance of Western Breeding Doctrine
Chapter 2
Judging the Egyptian Arabian Horse The First Elements of an Alternative
Chapter 3
Breeding the Egyptian Arabian Horse Establishing the Elements of an Alternative
Chapter 4
Inbreeding vs Outcrossing The Dilemma at the Heart of "Egyptian Arabian" Breeding
Chapter 5
Back to Egypt Applying Critical Thinking where it is Needed Most
Chapter 6
In Defense of E.A.O.

Hard cover book with dust jacket both in very good condition, 231 pages, first printing 2010, Egypt