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The Horse America Made Story of the American Saddle Horse by Louis Taylor

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The Story of the American Saddle Horse

by Louis Taylor

From the dust jacket, "This book tells how blood strains and careful breeding went to produce the Saddle Horse. It describes the type, which is a combination of conformation, temperament, and performance. It answers questions about show horses and horse shows--what a show horse is, how his training differs from that of a good utility horse, what special preparation the amateur should give his horse for ring performance, etc. A chapter covers the Saddle Horse at work, sport and play. A long section is devoted to training--from birth through training the young colt, to final finishing of a five-gaited champion, with each gait given special treatment. There is a chapter on building a stable or, even simpler, on converting a garage to livable quarters for your horse. Valuable hints are offered on purchase, care, and use of the Saddle Horse. The last three chapters cover aspects of horse heredity and outstanding horses of the past which influenced the breed; exciting stories of famous American Saddlebred Horses past and present; and a survey of the way the Saddle Horse is currently repeating its great U.S. history in South Africa. Thirty-two pages of halftones show these handsome horses in action.”

CONTENTS: Type and History; Show Horses and Horse Shows; In Work, Sports, and Play; Training; Stabling the Personal Mount; Hints on Purchase, Care, and Use of the Saddle Horse; Concerning Blood Lines; Stories of American Saddle Horses; Repeat Performance in South Africa.

Also included is information about converting the show horse to a personal mount, shoeing, and more.

Horses illustrated by photos and George Ford Morris art include Society Rex, The Lemon Drop Kid, Chief of Longview, Captain Courageous, My Show Boat, Garrymore, Wing Commander, Lady Carrigan, Anne Judd (previously Anne Durham), Joe Greathouse, Mary Anne O’Callaghan, Rex Peavine, Bourbon King, Benefactress, Delightful Society, Gallant Guy O’Goshen, Plainview’s Julia, Colonel Boyle, Gladys Gilbert with Colonel T.W. Milton, and more!

Hard cover book in very good condition, published by Harper & Brothers, 1961, dust jacket has two tears andd is now in protective plastic sleeve, 250 pages including a 4 page index.