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The Noble Horse by Monique and Hans D. Dossenbach

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The Noble Horse

Monique and Hans D. Dossenbach

This is a wonderful and definitive book on horses. It includes the history of the horse going back  to 20,000 BC , deals with the evolution of the horse,  the muscles, skeleton, organs, hair color markings are illustrated. This book covers gaits, behavior patterns, foaling, and more. It tells of the importance to various peoples from around the world and throughout history. Also covers equestrian sports from polo to buzkashi, hunting , racing, dressage, military training, harness racing , circus training and more.

A great addition to any equestrian library

Large hard cover book in excellent condition a little shelf wear, with dust jacket which has some wear but still very good. This is the 1997 Barnes and Noble edition, copyright 1983 & 1985. 304 pages loaded with photographes and illustrations