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Who's Who in Horsedom Vol. XVII 1973-1975 by Elizabeth Culley*** American Saddlebred Champions

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  Who’s Who in Horsedom 

Volume XVII 1973-1975

By Elizabeth Culley

A Record Book of the Show Horse Scene

   Who's Who in Horsedom was published by J.H. Ransom from 1948-1964, Volumes I thru XIV.  After Ransons death Elizabeth Cully took over the task of writing and publishing these books. This is the final volume. The early volumes contained articles on prominent stables and breeding farms, owners, trainers, performance and breeding horses, covering the American Saddle Horse, Thoroughbred, Standardbred, Walking Horses sometimes Hackneys or Shetland ponies. This volume is solely devoted to the American Saddlebred.


Down Memory Lane by Lynda Ann Miller: The Thompsons of Hodgeville, Knob Creek Stock Farm. A long article about "one of the most influential families in the history of the American saddle horse." There’s a great picture in this section of Noble Kalarama and Spelling Bee and King Vine. Great history of the American Saddlebred.

World Champions of the 70's : 1973-1975  93 champions are profiled with photos

Personality Profiles: Profiled in this volume: Bill Wise, Tom Moore, Jack Nevitt, Don Harris, Bob Vesel, Charles & Helen Crabtree, Redd Crabtree, Bill Munford, Mr and Mrs Glenn Miller, Dal Hope, Raymond Cowden, Lee Fahey, Charlotte Osborn Barrett, Lewis Eckard, Lee Shipman, Dorothy Dukes, Marilyn Fields, Helen Wallerstein, Jan Lukens, Shan and Jamie Donaldson, Sidney Herman, Barry Blacklaw, David Cunnigham, Babs and Dom Santarelli, Annie & Margaret Cowgill, Bonnie Byrne, Raymond & Lillian Shively, Charles Cronan, Jr., Ed Teater, Ben Segalla, Charles Smith, Edward and Jane Bennett, Lois Rappaport, Lonnie Lavery, Fran & John Nix, Art Simmons, Dave Becker, Don Stafford, Bob Gatlin, Don Brockman, Tom Galbreath, Merrill Murray and more...

Stars of the Show Scene   44 horses profiled and picture and includes Horse of the Year Awards '73-75

The Young Equestrians  22 young riders profiled with photo

Great Names in the Breeding World   21 stallions profiled with photo some include: Chief of Greystone, Flight Time, Grape Tree’s Fox, Mr. Magic Man, New Yorker, Ridgefield Heir, Status Symbol, Supreme Sultan, and more. Also gives Sire Rating and Brood Mare Sire Rating for 73-75 at the Kentucky State Fair Horse Show 

Kentucky State Fair Horse Show Results 73-75

Here are just some of the pictures in this book:   Anacacho’s Captain Denmark, Attache & Lee Shipman, Belle Elegant & Jack Nevitt, Belle Le Rose, Bernadette, Chief of Greystone, Cora’s Time, Courageous Admiral & Charlie Judd, Dear One & Tom Moore, Dow Jones, Flight Time & Louis Teater, Forest Song & Jim B. Robertson, Gift of Love & Don Harris, Glenview Radiance, Glenview’s Mandala & Charles Crabtree, Glenview’s Warlock, Grand Slam, Grape Tree’s Fox,  Hocus Pocus, Irish American & Tom Moore, King’s Genius, King Vine, Limelight, Lover’s Sensation, Lucky Campaigner, Magic Marvel & Don Harris, Melody’s Winged Sensation, Mr. Magic Man, New Yorker, Night Prowler & John Champagne, Noble Kalarama, Noble’s Color Added, Oman’s Desdemona Denmark, Rebel Yell and Merrill Murray, Ridgefield Heir,  Rob Shriver, Ronald Reagan & Bob Whitney, Sea of Secrets, Secret Selection, Spelling Bee, Spirit of ’76 & Art Simmons, Springtime Fantasy, Status Symbol, Stonewall Premier, Sultan’s Santana & Don Brockman, Supreme Sultan, Surefire & Bill Wise, Sweetheart on Parade, The Benefactor & Bill Wise, Virginia Wolf, Yankee Robinson, Yorktown & Jean McLean Davis, You Are Love, and more

This book is a must have for any Saddlebred Horse fan

Indexed for volumes XV, XVI, XVII gives you volume and page number so you can easily research horsemen or horses

 Hard cover book in excellent condition, 381 pages, loaded with color and black and white  historic photos, covers years 1973-1975, copyright 1979