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    Jerald F. Dirks, Psy.D and Debra L. Dirks

    This book will be of great interest to owners, breeders and historians of the Arabian horse particularly horses known as Bani Sham. Bani Sham owners and breeders follow Bedouin tradition breeding horse of Asil status, horses descending from known, authentic original horses and true desert type. Bani Sham horses trace to greater Syria, known as Jowad Arabians. Bani Sham horses in the US is defined as one who traces all lines of their pedigree to  1. imported from greater Syria in 1906 by Homer Davenport, 2. imported from greater Syria by the Hamidie-Hippodrome Society in 1893, 3. Syrian foundation horses listed in the Syrian Arab Stud Book volume 1.
    Extensive and scholorly research on the history of Arabian horses. This book will hold particular interest in Davenport bred horses. A large portion of this book deals in detail with the Davenport imports, correspondence and involvement of  Theodore Roosevelt, Spencer Borden, Carl Raswan, Congressmen, government officials, the US army, US Customs, US Agriculture, issues with tariffs which caused a feud between Davenport and Spencer Border and even a temporary falling out between Davenport and Lady Anne Blunt of Crabbet Park.

    Extensive information on imported horses and foundation horses.

    This rare soft cover book in good condition,  B&W photos, 271 pages, plus 25 page index, copyright 1996,