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Heirloom Egyptian Arabian Horses by John Fippen

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This big heavy book is a must have, collectible.



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This book is a must have for Arabian horse lovers and breeders of Heirloom horses. It is a history book showing the earliest lines of Al Khamsa Arabians through the recognized Egypt 1 and Blunt ancestry to the present herd. It tells the glories of Abbas Pasha, Ali Pasha Sherif, Prince Ahmed Pasha Kemel, Khedive Abbas Pasha Hilmi II, Ahmed Bey Sennari and the Blunts - all were key breeders and owners between 1840-1914. The extended pedigrees allow modern breeders a direct link to these early breeders. This book contains an abundance of information and photos, which personalizes this great history for its readers.

Part One:

The Concept of Heirloom

Joan Schleicher seminal article "Origins of the Heirloom Arabian Stud", setting the definition of Heirloom revised to reflect her latest research. John Fippens give a background of the people behind Heirloom

Part Two:

The Horses of Heirloom

(4 chapters)

This is the main part of the book, this section alone is nearly 480 pages, data on the horses ancestery,vital statistics,relationship to one another,status within the historical herd, presented in lists, charts, and essay.

Chapter One:

Out of The Desert

Historical underpinnings of the Heirloom tracing the taproot of Heirloom. Charts , percentage of Al Khamsa ancestral elements and descent from Al Khamsa Foundation Horses.

Chapter Two

The Heirloom Index

An explanation of the data base, the Heirloom Index records horses alphabetically by name , additional info, eyewitness accounts, recorded discrepencies, extensive bibliography.

Chapter Three

The Heirloom Herd Book

This chapter is primarily of benefit to breeders who want practical information on pedigrees, blood relationships and the state of current herds, population trends, list of endangered horses, strain charts, etc

Chapter Four

Sheradu--The Lost Horses

Lost strains and sire lines in Heirloom, charts of extinct strains, this chapter recalls some of the illustrious animals of history with no Heirloom progeny or whos lines have died out.

Part Three:

The Future of Heirloom

Heirloom horses around the world, Heirloom competitors, performance and companion horses, vision for the future.

Part Four:

The Heirloom Gallery

32- page color section, sponsor listing, gallery of photos

This new hard cover book is 591 pages, PACKED with information and photos, a quality book ,decorated endpapers. Errata page included. Copyright 2004, first limited edition, numbered, 8 1/2 x 11 pages printed on coated paper. Privately published