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The Pure-Bred Arabian Horse by Carlo Guarmani

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The Pure-Bred Arabian Horse
Carlo Guarmani

edited and introduction by
Angelo Pesce

Carlos Guarmani whose travels and explorations in Arabia have been somewhat neglected was born in 1828 in Italy. His family emigrated to Beirut and Guarmani developed an intense interest in the Arabian hrse, was fluent in Arabic, had a rare knowledge of Muslim manners and customs. He devoted several years establishing good relations with many Beduoin tribes on the southern borders of Syria and spent a period of sixteen years traveling in Syria, Palestine, Egypt and Northern Arabia by the time he first published this book in 1864. He was also commissioned to aquire Arab stallions for the stables of Napoleon III and for the then king of Italy, Vittorio Emanuele II

Introduction by Angelo Pesce
Bibliography of Carlo Guarmani
The Breeds
The Horse

This book contains the interesting observations and information gathered thru his travels and interactions. quotes and excepts from many sources. The book carries a consistent theme of the Arabian horses place in the universal scheme of things to improve and regenerate horse breeds. There is also a section on superstitions, lucky and unlucky signs.

An Interesting addition to your Arabian Horse book library

Although Guarmanis original edition had no illustrations photographs of Arabians in their native land have been added as well as old engravings and art reproductions to demonstrate how Arabians were glorified in Guarmanis own times in images to accompany the text.

Hard cover book in very good conditon with very good dust jacket, 111 pages, printed in Italy by Tipografica Pompei, copyright 1984 Immel Publishing Saudi Arabia