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From the dust jacket; 'This is a book for every Arabian horse owner who loves the breed for its beauty and character. For anyone thinking of buying an Arabian horse, it can be a happy introduction to the mystique of The Proud Breed. Jerry Donoghue's first hand account of early day Arabian horse shows will fascinate present day exhibitors and add to the history of the Arabian horse in the United States. Many weeks were spent on the road and it was routine for Donoghue horses to travel coast to coast in one show season. The practical lessons learned from this book come easily for they are a part of the true life story of one man - and his family -, more than 35 years with the Arabian horse and the formation of a breeding program that started with one half Arabian Mare and developed the Donoghue type horse that continues to produce show winners.'

The last chapter is a reprint from 1978 Arabian Horse World by Carol Mulder which she discusses the Donahue breeding program. This book gives an interesting account of Arabian horse showing and breeding in the 1950-60's, Donahue recalls the days when Arabian horse owners helped each other and pulled together to promote the breed. He relates stories of other owners he met and developed friendships with John Rogers, importer of Serafix, the Van Vleets, Bazy Tankersley of Al-Marah, Charles Cravers, Frank McCoy, Dick Lodwick, Ed Tweed, and so many others. It is a whos who of the history of Arabian horse showing. He talks about the different Arabian horse publications and books available, horse shows in California, Colorado , Texas etc, he describes a costume class with riders dressed in bed sheets riding around with machetes, foals shipped across country in wood crates by train. How "politics" come into Arabian horse industry, Donoghue's views on breeding how the Arabian horse was used and abused for financial gain. Interesting first hand account of a time gone by and how things have changed.

- 1984, 1st Edition - Borden Publishing Co. - hard cover with dust jacket, now in a protective cover, dust jacket worn and some soiling. book very good condition - 273 pages with an additional 10 pages of pedigrees, illustrated with photos including La Bahia and Al Marah Cassanova who produced Cass Ole who was the star of the movies-- The Black Stallion and The Return of the Black Stallion, also photos of Rohanna, Ronara, Ibn Hanrah, Hanrah, Don Fersheba, Beau Ibn Hanrah and more