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RASWAN INDEX Vol. IV signed and numbered 1st edition SCARCE

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The Raswan Index and Handbook for Arabian Breeders

Vol. IV

Signed by the Author and numbered #112

Carl Raswan, born Carl Schmidt spent his life devoted to the Arabian horse and the Raswan Indexes are the culmination of his life studies on the the subject. Raswan spent over 30 years off and on in the Middle East living with the Bedouin and learning about their horses. He also studied the horses in England, Poland, the US and more and distilled and summarized his knowledge in the Indexes. This volume, IV, gives an account of how the stallion named Raswan, son of the famous Skowronek, came into his possession directly from Lady Wentworth herself, the controversy over his ownership with W.K. Kellogg and the untimely death of the stallion.  Following the horses death Carl Schmidt change his name to Carl Raswan in honor of his beloved stallion. Book contains a fold out facsimile of the transfer of ownership signed by Wentworth and Schmidt.

The main part of the book is alphabetical listing of horses, No. 6989 thru 8721, amount of information on each horse varies

Photo plates # 90-122 , numbered text pages 509-638, lettered pages G-P These lettered pages pages deal with stallion, Skowronek including extensive pedigree, Raswan tells of his initial meeting of the famous stallion, historical notes concerning Skowroneks pedigree and more.

These books were written by Raswan in Mexico with the help of his devoted wife, Esperanza, to whom the Indexes are dedicated. The original first edition was in 7 volumes and sold by subscription only. They were mailed out as he finished writing and printing them along with the cover in which to bind the pages. The books were printed in a limited edition of 380 and the plates destroyed after printing. There have been subsequent edition of the Raswan Indexes, some abridged and some without photos but the original first editions are extremely scarce.

Hard cover book in very good condition, dinged top front  corner of cover and effects some of the inside pages.