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Arab Horse Families of Great Britain by Dr P.J. Gazder

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of Great Britain



Dr. P.J. Gazder


"This book is dedicated to its subject-- the Arabian Horses of the world-- and to their breeders , owners and admirers. Few friendships are more rewarding to those who have come to know them, not as a stallion, mare or foal, but as fellow companions."

This wonderful book contains well over 100 photos many of which I haven't seen any where else. It is designed as a working manual for breeders and a handbook for pedigree study. It gives a history of the Arabian horse in Britain, the horses of the Pashas, Crabbet and Sheikh Obeyd Studs, The General Stud book, The Arab Horse Society, The Arab Horse Society Stud Book, desert bred and original Arabs, information about strains.

Tables of descent for stallions, mares, stallions and mares of Polish descent, original horses, not original horses

Imports from Egypt, Russia and Poland, Spain, United States and other.

SOME of the 100 plus photos include:

Original Arabs-Azrek, Crosbie, Dahma, Dajania, Dwarka, Hadbad, Hagar, Manak, Queen of Sheba, Rodania


Algol, Berk, Bukra, Carmen, Comet, Count Dorsaz, Dooud, Dargee, Faris, Fejr, Feluka, Gharbi, Grey Royal, Ibn Yashmak, Iridos, Jellaby, Karusen, Mahruss II, Mesaoud, Mikeno, Nabor, Nasik, Nasra, NureddinII, Rangoon, Razina, Rissalix, Riyala, Rosemary, Rose of Jerico, Selma, Selmian, Sheeba, Silver Crystal, Silver Vanity, Sobha, The Chief, Zem Zem and more.....

Hard cover book ,New. 211 pages, photos printed on coated paper for better clarity. Copyright 1993.