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The Crabbet Arabian Stud Its History and Influence by Rosemary Archer, Colin Pearson and Cecil Covey

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Its History and Influence

by Rosemary Archer, Colin Pearson and Cecil Covey.

If you have interest in the Arabian Horse, this book is a MUST HAVE for your library regardless of your bloodline preference or equestrian pursuits. The authors all knew Lady Wentworth and the horses, especially Cecil Covey, who inherited Crabbet Arabian Stud upon the passing of Lady Wentworth. Rosemary Archer is a breeder whose Arab farm borders the old Crabbet property where she acquired her foundation stock from Lady Wentworth.

This book tells the triumphant and turbulent history of Crabbet from information taken from family papers and personal reminiscences. It is the story of three extraordinary people Wilfrid and Lady Anne Blunt, and their daughter , Judith, later known as Lady Wentworth. In these pages learn the details of the bitter dispute Lady Wentworth had with her father which ended in the courts. Read about the great lengths that these early breeders went to, in order to obtain the finest Arabians and the efforts were required to keep them.

This book contains many rare photos and also includes photos never before publish without being retouched by Lady Wentworth. The first portion of the books cover the whole history and story of Crabbet and includes and emense amount of info on its horses. The second portion of the book includes: the Influence of Crabbet blood Overseas and in Europe-ARGENTINA; AUSTRALIA; NEW ZEALAND; EGYPT; RUSSIA; POLAND;SPAIN; THE NETHERLANDS; GERMANY; DENMARK;SWEDEN;FRANCE; SOUTH AFRICA; U.S. Each country represented has text, photos of historic imports.

There is an alphabetical index of names of horses in the book.

This book is a fascinating read and full of historic photos as: Lady Anne Blunt with Lady Wentworth when a child; Wilfrid Blunt; 1880's pics. of the horses at Crabbet; famous Arabians such as-SKOWRONEK; *RAFFLES; MESAOUD; AZREK; QUEEN OF SHEBA; ROSEMARY; DAJANIA; BASILISK; FEYSUL; HADBAN; MAHRUSS; BINT HELWA; RAKTHA; NASEEM; ORAN; MIKENO; DAOUD; RIYALA; STAR OF THE HILL and many more.

Hard cover book with dust jacket both in excellent condition, 392 pages, copyright 2002