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Arabian Exodus by Margaret Greeley

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by Margaret Greely

This is a wonderful book that covers the history and tradition of the Arabian horse and the fight to retain its purity and very survival. The author uses extracts from diaries and travelers accounts - Burckhardt, Upton, Daumas, Palgrave, Wilfrid and Lady Anne Blunt and others. Tells the history of the Ali Pasha stud in Egypt , a source of Crabbet breeding stock and exportations by the Blunts to England to begin their breeding program at Crabbet. This book is a record of the pilgrimage from the desert to England and from there the descendants spread around the world and today are found on every continent (well, except maybe Antarctica).


Tradition and History

They Dwell Among Princes

Land of Promise

Days of Glory

Al Marah

This book goes on to tell the legacy of these horses with a chapter each, with photos and history, on the horses in :

Great Britain, Australian, Bahrain, Egypt, Germany, Holland, Hungary, Jordan, Poland, Russia, South Africa, Spain and the United States

Loaded with great photos of horses from around the world, that are found in the pedigrees of the horses we love today, some include: Rissalix, Silver Fire, Raktha, Bahram, Serafix, Count Dorsaz, Oran, Mirage, Silver Vanity, General Grant, Naseem, Skowronek, Candian Beau, Rose Marie, AM Sea Captain, Aswan, Nazeer, Elzunia, Nizzam, Negativ, Argos, Nabor, Gerwazy, Pomerants, Lax, AlhamaIII, Reyna, Jamani Shabani, Ralvon Pilgrim, Babylon, Solon, Muscat, Namiet, Napitok, Reyna, Abu Farwa, Ferzon, Fadjur, Gazon, Amerigo and many others.

This book also contains a history of the Arabian horse from the Bible onward and many example of beautiful Arabian Horse art including : Arab horse of the Nejd, Coming Storm, Horse of His Highness Abbas Pasha I and many others.


1. The Arabian by W.S. Blunt

2. The Arabian Horse by W.S. Blunt

3. The Introduction of New Bloodlines by P.K. Wolf

A Great Book and a must have for any Arabian horse library, fascinating reading and would make a great gift.

Hard cover, w/DJ 240 pages, Published by J. A. Allen & Company London England, First published 1975, revised 1985, reprinted 1990

Hard cover book with dust jacket in new, unread condition