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ESSENTIAL CARE OF THE RIDDEN HORSE by veterinary surgeon Peter Gray

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By veterinary surgeon
Peter Gray

The indispensable guide to achieving optimum health for your horse

Essential Care of the Ridden Horse shows how we can move away from a culture of nerve block and body scans and start to see the whole horse as a unit rather than a collection of isolated problems. By demystifying and bringing together the various systems that make up the whole horse, the connections between feeding, environment, exercise and health management become clear.

Author Peter Gray sets out to extend and reinforce that knowledge with this thorough yet easy-to-read guide to caring for the ridden horse. He pays particular attention to to those common conditions that call a temporary halt to riding activity - lameness, respiratory infections, muscular strains - but that are very often caused by incorrect management and are therefore avoidable. He also unravels the important factors that influence performance in horses facing active competition; the practical, sensible everyday things that can mean the difference between losing and winning.

Chapters include:

1.Performance and Fitness
2.A Horse to Begin With
3.Routine care and Management
4.Digestive Health and Maintaining Condition
5.The Respiratory System and Infection
6.Blood and it's importance in training
7.The Heart and Ridden Horse
8.The Nervous System
9.The Back and Bony Skeleton
10.Muscles and Their care
11.Lameness and Routine Prevention
12.Daily Health Management
13.Dealing with Problems
14.Special Disease Considerations

CONDITION: Hard cover with dust jacket, new, 160 pages, photographically illustrated in color.