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History of the Arabian Horse Registry by Albert Harris

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by Albert W. Harris

This book is an interesting history of the Arabian horse in the US and the registry which was started by the early breeders in 1908. Inspired by Homer Davenports trip to the desert which was sponsored by Teddy Roosevelt, financed by Peter Bradley and resulted in the importation of 27 purebred Arabians, the largest importation up till that date. Prior to the establishment of the registry, Arabians were registered with the Jockeys Club which was solely interested in promoting the Thoroughbred. This book tell the promotional activities of the club , their actions and involvements including importations, promoting Arabs for the US Remount and calvary, endurance records, horses imported as spoils of war, publication of the stud book, Arabian Horse Journal, Albert Harris' Blood of the Arab and more. Nice historical perspective of the breeders, importers of Arabian horses- W.R. Brown, Albert Harris, W.R. Kellogg, J.M. Dickinson, Roger Shelby, Babson, Van Vleet , Gainey and others who were all instrumental in the preservation and promotion of the Arabian horse.
This is a must have for every Arabian library.

Hard cover, in excellent condition, amazingly as it is 70 years old!, first edition, copyright 1950, 64 pages.
There are two photos- one of Albert Harris and one of Nejdme #1.