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Imported Foundation Stock of North American Arabian Horses Vol. III by Carol Mulder

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Registration numbers 343 to 518.

  Carol Mulders had a long career writing and researching Arabians and she had accumulated a large amount of very scarce and important history, letters, magazines and rare photos. She published Imported Foundation Stock of North American Horses in 2 vols. in 1969 and 1972. After their publication much new material was uncovered, including rare letters, never before seen photos and much more history.  The author redid the first 2 volumes and then added a 3rd. book--this one. Loaded with material that was never published before, fascinating reading and old black and white photos.

The first horse covered in this volume is *Berk, a beautiful horse appreciated for his amazing trotting action, and includes so much material, including never before published photos including one by equine artist George Ford Morris, interesting letters and tons of information and history that it takes up almost 40 pages!

Other Arabians included in this work are: *ANA; *BABEL; *BADINE; *BALKIS II; *BATTLE; *FELESTIN; *HAMIDA; *KASIMA; *KOLA; *NURI PASHA;RIJAM; *RAMIM; *RAMLA; *RIZVAN; *ROKHSA; *SIMAWA and more. Information on each horse usually includes: Vital info-age, sex, color, year foaled. breeder, sire, dam, get, History, photos, description, breeding results and 5 generation pedigree. Amount of information varies but some are quite extensive especially when you consider the passage of time. Several of these imports came from France and the accompanying reference material provides rare pedigree and breeder history for Arabians bred in France, material that could not be found elsewhere unless you had old French Arab book with pedigrees and history.

ARABIANS PICTURED INCLUDE: BEN AZREK; FEJR; HAMASA; IBN YASHMAK; KASIDA; RIM; RAZAZ; ROSE OF HIND; RIYALA; RUSTEM; SOTAMM; SELMA II; YAMAMA; YASHAK; *NURI PASHA; *KOLA; *BADINE; *MAKRINE; *BABEL; *BAHKA; *RIZVAN; *FELESTIN; *SIMAWA; *HAZNA; *ROKHSA; *RAMIM; *RIJMA; *BATTLA; *BERK and so many more.  Many photos are from the Private Stud book of Lady Anne Blunt, a provision in her will stated that no material from her private stud book could be released until 60 years after her passing. That had happened, making use of these never seen before photos possible.

 After the index of horses comes: 

Ancestral Index for Vol.3

Sire Lines Vol. 3

Family Lines Vol. 3

Strain Reference Vol. 3

Breeders: Algeria, Desert bred, Egypt, England, France

Importers: including extensive history of Albert Harris, WR Brown and others

Corrections and additions to Vol 1 & 2


Large group of photos that came from the Arabian Horse Owners Foundation Archives; photos from the private stud book of LADY ANNE BLUNT and some from the Arabian Horse Families of Egypt. 

 Hard bound book, published by Carol Mulder and printed by Borden Pub. L.A. 1995,  354 pages and in excellent condition, dinged corners, first and only edition. Here is a lot of absolutely fascinating reading, rare photos, pedigrees and history of the Arabian Horse in America.