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My Quest of the Arabian Horse by Homer Davenport

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  My Quest of the Arabian Horse
Homer Davenport

This book is Homer Davenports account of his trip to the desert, which was sponsored by Teddy Roosevelt, financed by Peter Bradley and resulted in the importation of 27 purebred Arabians, the largest importation up till that date. Fun and interesting reading 


      An Oregon Arab and what it led to
Procuring the Trade and the start for the desert
The Sultan's Stable
The Sultan of Turkey
Constantinople to Antioch
Antioch to Aleppo
Akmet Haffez and the War Mare
We Feast with the Anezeh and Become Better Acquainted - Inspection and Purchase of Horses
   An Important Ceremony

As to the dogs

Meeting with Hashem Bey
Starting on the Return Journey and some Oriental Bargaining - The Beginning of the Story of the Mare
Another Present - Hassan Tasshin Pasha and His Horses
We Say Farewell to Akmet Haffez and Start for the Coast - "The Pride of the Euphrates" Comes to Us at Last and Meets Her Two Sons
What One May Overlook in the Shipment of Horses - We Leave the Ottoman Empire and Enter Essential Part of It at Least, Although Surrounded by Spies
Naples and Some of the Misfortunes which Overtook Us There - America at Last
Of Said Abdallah and His Notions of America
The Bedouin of the Desert, His Son and His Daughter, His Cattle and the Stranger That Is Within His Gates
The Arab Horse and His Present Status - Some Stories from the Desert
Various Importations of Arab Horses

Hard cover book, very good condition for its age, illustrated with black and white photos and illustrations, 276 pages. This is a reprint,  published by The Arabian Horse Club of America although not dated, I believe it was 1950