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Principles of Equitation by Baretto De Souza

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Principles of Equitation

Baretto De Souza
Enlarged Edition of his book Elementary Equitation

de Souza school of riding taught in the early part of the 1900's and conspicuously belongs to a different era. His horse world was one of gentility , Victorian in character. It contains common sense advice in basic dressage during a time when competitive equestrian sports had not yet penetrated to the riding masses and riding for your health and exercise was a primary reason to ride. This is an enlarged and revised edition of the 1922 printing of the author's "Elementary Equitation" with new chapters and illustrations. Chapters include info on correct position and reasons why; side-saddle; use of legs; use of opposite rein; horse's mouth; flexing; backing; use of stirrups and riding without; different gaits and transitions; punishment and reward; and much more. A very good reference for riders and instructors. There is a chapter on side-saddle and although there are photos of jumping there is not a chapter on jumping. Although this book is out dated and inadequate it is interesting reading and written by an experienced instructor. Studying old books is important in understanding and appraising today's ideas on equitation and the evolution and development of modern riding.
Hard cover some staining and fading to the cover, pages tanning, rough cut, 357 pages, illustrated with line drawings and B&W photos, copyright 1922, 1925 second printing 1929, E.P. Dutton Co New York