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Step and Go Together A World of Horses and Horsemanship by B.K. Beckwith

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Step and Go Together The World of Horses and Horsemanship

by B.K. Beckwith

This book is  an unusual collection of essays, stories and articles about horses and the men and women who knew and loved them. The authors strives to show the "human" side of the horse, his character and personality. Some of the horses you will meet in this book include Seabiscuit, Man O War, Ormonde, Brown Jack, Pretty Polly, Greyhound, George Wilkes, Messenger as well as Scham (better known as the Godolphin Arabian) and the stable boy Agba,  and many more. You will also read about the men and women who devoted their lives to horses. Lou Machado the last of California's great caballeros. General George Custer and General Andy Jackson. Film director, adventurer and horseman Raoul Walsh, Theodore Winter, founder of Californias Thoroughbred breeding empire and many others.  Loaded with lots of California racing history.
Delightful and facinating reading
Hard cover book in excellent condition , good dust jacket, copyright 1967, 345 pages, illustrated with B&W photos and illustrations.