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The Arabian Horse in America by George Conn

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Dr. George Conn

This reference book covers the history of the Arabian horse in the US in details hard to find,which give the reader a excellent background on the Arabian horse in the US. Whos who of American breeders, importations and importers, shows, history of Arabian horse Club , Arabian horse publications and much more. 
'...Dr Conn, an internationally know breeder, veterinarian and author has spent more than a dozen years researching sporting papers, privately printed sales catalogues, stud books, and breeding records, many of which date back to 1730. Much of the material presented in this volume has been taken for the authors own library, which contains the only known copies of many pertinent and out of print documents'
This book is a must have in any Arabian horse Library

From the preface:
"The principal aim and purpose of this book is to put into permanent and historical form, material dealing with the intoduction of the Arabian horse into America and his influence upon the light horse breeds. Available information is at present widely scattered and cannot be secured from any single source."

1. Arabian -Bred Horses First introduced into America through the Spanish Conquest
2. The Introduction of the first Arabian-Bred horses to America from England
3. Stallions of Arabian breeding imported to America from 1730 - 1830
4. Mares of Arabian Breeding imported to America from 1730 to 1830
5. Imported Barb mares and horses
6. The first listing of Arabian horses in a printed Stud Book in America
7. Arabian horses in the American Race-Turf Register
8. A. Keene Richards, a Kentucky Thoroughbred Breeder, imports Arabian horses
9. Imported Arabian horses and mares registered in the American Stud Book
10. Randolph Huntington breeds Part-Bred horses
11. Auction Catalogue of the Huntington Collection of Clay and Clay-Arab horses
12. The Chicago World's Fair of 1893 and its influence on the Arabian Breed in America
13. Pure-Bred Arabian horses imported into the United States (1879-1948)
14. Some well-known importers of Arabian horses
15. The founding of the Arabian Horse Club of America
16. Comments on the influence of the Arabian horse on the Thoroughbred
17. Pomona Ranch
18. Arabian Horse Importation from Poland
19. Arabian horse breeding catalogues as a source of information
20. The Arabian horse in the show ring
21. The Arabian as a Parade, Trail and Pleasure horse
22. The Lazy V.V. Ranch
23. Arabian-Bred Riding Ponies

Loaded with photos of identified horses by name and registration number
some photos Include:

ZARIFE, FERSARA, SKORAGE, BACARAM, SHARIK, Kadir, Mares and foals at Van Vleet, DU CARAM, SARTEZ, LANA, Kiffah, RODA, Lhasa yearling, SELFRA, Nabika and Cassim, SLIPPER and RIPPLES, INDAIA and INDRAFF, ANAZEH (LEOPARD X NAOMI), Gulastra, TESCHIDA, Karifa, MIRAGE, RAFFLES, WARDAMAR ALLA, Kabar, RIFAGE, Jamal Abdulla Azam, and more...

Indexed for easier research

Hard cover book in good condition for its age, over sixty years old, some spotting to the text block, 308 pages, worn  dust jacket ,
Copyright 1957, third printing , The Countryman Press