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The Arabian Horse in Fact Fiction and Fantasy by George Conn

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The Arabian Horse
In Fact, Fiction and Fantasy
by George Conn

This book is an anthology of stories, poems and lengthy extracts from the writings of travelers, breed authorities and men and women from different backgrounds, which the author uses to explore many of the myths and legends about the breed. Several piecesĀ evoke the romantic past of the Arabian, the pride of Kings and glory of Arab sheiks. There are passages from the writings of travelers to the region, Charles Daughty, Lady Anne and Wilfrid Blunt, Major General Tweedie, Roger Upton, William Palgrave, Theodore Dodge, Austen H. Layard, E. Daumas who saw these magnificent horses in their native land. There are scriptural references, opinions of artist and poets, comments by veterinarians and breeders, stories and historical references of the important role Arabians played in history.

This book is an economical way to attain excerpts from many of the classic writings on Arabian horses all in one volume.

Hard cover book in good condition, no dust jacket fair. 1959, A.S. Barnes appears to be a first edition, no other printings or editions listed, no illustrations, 384 pages.