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The Horse of the Americas by Robert M. Denhardt Revised edition

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The Horse of the Americas

by Robert Denhardt

New Edition, Revised and Enlarged

This book is a comprehensive account of the arrival, spread and development of the horse in the New World. The first edition, published in 1947, has now been enriched by 25 years of additional research and many more illustrations. This book covers the spread of horses in both North and South America and focuses mainly on the breeds developed in whole or partly from the Spanish horse. In addition to historical accounts Denhardt discusses breeds, types, strains and colors of both continents - Palominos, Appaloosas, Pintos, Quarter Horses and other North American breeds as well as Costenas, Chola, Pasos, Criollos, Caballo Chileno.. He also covers the evolution of the western saddle, brands, the rodeo, epic horseback rides and a comprehensive section on color terminology.

This book will be enjoyed by horse lovers, horseman, and anyone interested in the study of the history of the Western world.

Hard cover book in very good condition, good dust jacket, copyright 1947, 1975 first printing of the second edition. 343 pages illustrated with B&W photos and illustrations.