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The Horse of the Desert by W.R. Brown*** Deluxe, Numbered, limited edition***

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 Horse of the Desert
 W. R. Brown

This important work by W.R. Brown who was owner of the Maynesboro Stud in New Hampshire. It is one of the best researched book and is a must have for anyone interested in the Arabian Horse. Brown like Davenport before him traveled to Arabia in search of the Arabian horse giving an account of his trip and the practices of the Bedouins. There is also an extensive list of one hundred and eighty nine strain and family names compiled by the author and Carl Raswan. The chapter of related breeds contains many example with the most extensive text concerning the Thoroughbred, Morgan and Percheron.

A wonderful chapter on the qualities of the Arab.

The authors stated purpose for producing this book was to demonstrate the qualities of the Arabian to lead to the extension of the breed in America and for breeding suitable cavalry mounts for the Army, and as such, this book gives lots of accounts of Arabian and part Arabian used in the cavalry and endurance test.
From the authors preface"... If all that has been recorded concerning the Arabian horse were merged into one work, it would fill volumes. Since the dawn of history the Arabian horse has been steeped in romance and tradition, the theme of bards, travelers, historians and soldiers, and particularly eulogized in all books of hippology. Innumerable witnesses, beginning with the earliest known records of mankind, have attested to his quality and character. In this book the author has attempted to assemble the more important of these qualities in a composite picture, which devoid of exaggeration, may tend to produce a fair delineation of the Arabian horse and his standing in the equine world... The facts within its pages are based on the best authorities available, personal experience and observation, experiments in breeding, and results of physical test..."


1. Habitat
2. Origin and History
3. Anatomical, Physical and Mental Qualities
4. Blood Lines
5. Closely Related Breeds
6. Purchasing in Arabia; Studs and Clubs
7.Usefulness for Calvary

This book also has an extensive bibliography of old books for further research and is indexed.

This is the numbered deluxe Jay Shuler edition with Supplement:
Biographies of Linda and Wentworth Tellington,
Biographical Material on WR Brown
My Years with WR Brown by Jack Humphrey
and more...

A Must Have Book 

 Hard cover book in very good condition, 295 pages, illustrated with B&W photos and B&W art plates as well as 4 color plates. Copyright 1967 published by The Jay Shuler co.