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THE HORSES NAME WAS... Famous Horses from History, Literature, Mythology, TV and Movies by Terri Wear

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A Dictionary of Famous Horses from History, Literature, Mythology, Television and Movies
by Terri Wear

The author has written this book to preserve the memory of famous horses. Some are famous for what they've done others for who their owners were. Some played parts in history, others in movies and television. Some horses are listed here for their achievements in racing or on the battlefield some horses are from mythology others from literature, others successful show horses, other influential in their breed. 1307 horses listed. Also indexed by subject mater and includes an extensive list of books for further reading.

A fun book for horse lovers, history buffs, movie buffs of those who like to impress people with their knowledge of useless trivia.
Hard cover book in excellent condition, copyright 1993, 211 pages