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The King Ranch Quarter Horses by Robert Denhardt

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The King Ranch Quarter Horses

and something of the ranch and the men that bred them.

by Robert Moorman Denhardt

This fascinating book begins with Captain Richard King, a steamboat pilot turned Texas rancher, who saw to it that the ranch acquired quality horses for his Kinenos - one time Mexican ranchers who rode his range and trailed his cattle north to the railheads. Covers the horse breeding innovations, the addition of Thoroughbred blood, stories of Texas breeders. Most of all, this book tells about the horses themselves, from Old Sorrel, who became the foundation stallion of the ranch Quarter horses, show horses, race horses to the top quality cow horses famed for their levelheadedness and ability to work in close partnership with their riders. Today they and their descendants are working cattle and winning competitions all over the world, from the Argentine pampas to the Australian outback. Filled with anecdotes. Illustrated with lots of sepia photographs, charts, including the registered Get of Old Sorrel.

256 page hard cover book in good condition, some soling to the cover, copyright 1970 , third printing 1978