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War Horse to Show Horse by Gladys Brown Edwards First Edition

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The Arabian

War Horse to Show Horse


Gladys Brown Edwards
First edition

This book is an Arabian horse classic written by artist, writer and internationally known authority on Arabian horses, G.B. Edwards. Not only was Gladys an accomplished writer, artist, illustrator and sculptor, she was also, through a lifetime of intensive study, a fountain of knowledge of horse conformation, anatomy, history, and bloodlines of the breed in general.

Considered an authority on the breed she understood the qualities of the Arabian horse, which she covers extensively in this book. She starts with a history of the desert bred Arabian then continues on with the early history of the Arabian in the US. She covers the imports, importers and breeders. The history of the all-Arabian shows, sire lines, performance winners, racing records, mare families and champion producers. Histories of noted imported bloodlines from the countries where they were bred.

Illustrated with B&W photos

Written in her relaxed and witty style, this book is a must have for any serious breeder or fan of the Arabian horse.

FIRST EDITION includes errata sheet

Hard cover 304 pages, dust jacket soiled and worn, book itself in very good condition normal aging, copyright 1969.